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Pasar Malam Gadong

Pasar Malam Gadong or Night Market Gadong is located at the Gadong Wet Market parking area. Usually it started at 5:00pm till midnight. It is one of the places where we can see tourist try Brunei local cuisines. Astro Famous Chef Bobby Chin is one of the Celebrity Chef make an appearance at the night market. The prices of the food at the Night Market are at the range of $1.00 to $2.00. Cheap and Fast that what I can describe about it.

Besides selling foods, there’s also grocery market and garments stalls. Actually there 2 shift of business activity at the Gadong Wet Market Parking Lot. On Friday and Sunday people sell flowers, orchid, Cactus, Vase, fertilizer and other gardening needs. This is only done early in the morning till midday. The second shift is the Night Market. Here are some pictures taken with my buddy MindWarrior who’s going back to Singapore today.

Pasar Malam by HBK-8241

Pasar Malam by HBK-8198

Pasar Malam by HBK-8200

Pasar Malam by HBK-8205

Pasar Malam by HBK-8206

Pasar Malam by HBK-8223

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Farewell Lunch Ceremony


Today I join Mrs. HBK at the Scout Center for a  farewell lunch for the UBD Teaching Practice Teachers, Transferred Teachers and Retired Staff of SR. Kiarong . The ceremony started with the opening speech by the Head Mistress of SR. Kiarong. At the same time it was the presentation of prizes for the ASEAN Corner and tokens of appreciation to the Teachers and Staff.


 _MG_6232 _MG_6235





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13 years…. of love

It has been 13 years since I’ve met my wife. So today we went to the very first place we’ve met 13 years ago for lunch. This was during lunch time. We ordered the same food and sit on the same spot we look at each other for the first time. Thanks to Allah the Al-mighty for giving me the chance to meet her and thanks dear for accepting me of who I am. Then 4 years later we get married and get busy with our two princesses.
Special thanks to DJ Izan for the help & DJ Frankie of Pilihan Network for the surprised calls for her early this afternoon.

Trying to recap our sweet memories

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan

Yesterday, we went to Taman Selera for dinner. As usual the place was full of people eventhough it was the middle of the month. We tried a newly open food stall which serve fresh fish, crabs and lobsters. Fresh by mean still alive. Pinang Seafood was previously doing business at Jerudong Park. The food was good specially the Steam Boat Tomyam Soup.

Self-Portrait of me

Steamboat… yummmy

Lamb Chop With Mushroom

Tomyam Soup

Fried Rice with Butter Prawns


Pouting Pose~