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Mangrove Paradise Resort

Last night I have the opportunity visiting to the newly open resort, the Mangrove Paradise Resort. Actually I was invited by one of the guest who was staying there for a night. It is located in Kg Serdang, Jalan Kota Batu. Driving to this place from Bandar Seri Begawan would take about 15-20minutes depending on the traffic.

What can i say about the resort?

The place is nice, cozy and peaceful. Well this place is a modern version of our heritage Venice of the East. For those who like fishing this resort also provide a fishing pond but it is not free. Need to try out the restaurant in future to comment on the food served.

More about the resort here.




Walkway Entrance to the Resort

Resort-4 Reception

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High Dynamic Range

Pictures which was taken during outing at Kg Ayer early this year. Setup for all pictures are 3 AEB, ISO 100, 10-22mm Lens. Mind the horizon a bit tilted because all the shot are taken hand held 🙂

Kg Ayer- HDR 1

Kg Ayer-HDR 2

Kg Ayer-64

And this is my very first post from live writer as been recommended by Reedz. Sure it is easy, simple and save time. I like the effect too. Sharpening and Color POP are directly done at Window Live Writer.

Kampong Ayer 2009 BFF Annual Outing

Kampong Ayer is also known as “Venice of the East” is one of the main attraction for tourist coming to Brunei Darussalam. It is one of the oldest heritage of Brunei.
The villages in Kg Ayer are Mukim Sungai Kedayan including Bukit Salat, Sumbiling Lama, Sungai Kedayan ‘A’, Sungai Kedayan ‘B’, Ujong Tanjong and Kuala Peminyak; Mukim Tamoi including Tamoi Ujong, Tamoi Tengah, Pengiran Kerma Indera Lama, Pengiran Tajuddin Hitam, Ujong Bukit/Limbongan, Pengiran Bendahara Lama; Mukim Burong Pingai Ayer including Burong Pingai Ayer, Lurong Dalam, Pandai Besi ‘A’, Pandai Besi ‘B’, Sungai Pandan ‘A’, Sungai Pandan ‘B’, and Pengiran Setia Negara, Pekan Lama; Mukim Peramu including Peramu, Pekilong Muara, Bakut Pengiran Siraja Muda ‘ A’, Bakut Pengiran Siraja Muda ‘B’, Bakut Berumput and Lurong Sikuna; Mukim Saba including Saba Tengah, Saba Ujong, Saba Laut, Saba Darat ‘A’ and Saba Darat ‘B’. Mukim Sungai Kebun including Setia ‘A’, Sungai Siamas/Ujong Klinik, Setia ‘B’ Sungai Kebun, Bolkiah ‘A’ and Bolkiah ‘B’.- source wikipedia
MOFAT from Kg Ayer
Brunei National Flag
Water Taxi “Perahu Tambang”
View at Kg Ayer
People At Kg Ayer

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