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Mandi Berlawat

Last Sunday I attended a ceremony at Mrs. HBK’s cousin for the ceremony of “Mandi Berlawat”. This ceremony is for the blessing of the new offspring which is only done once. The ceremony is for the eldest offspring of Mohd Noh and Nur Amalina. Their baby boy was named Muhammad Danial Zakuan.
The Proud Parents

13 years…. of love

It has been 13 years since I’ve met my wife. So today we went to the very first place we’ve met 13 years ago for lunch. This was during lunch time. We ordered the same food and sit on the same spot we look at each other for the first time. Thanks to Allah the Al-mighty for giving me the chance to meet her and thanks dear for accepting me of who I am. Then 4 years later we get married and get busy with our two princesses.
Special thanks to DJ Izan for the help & DJ Frankie of Pilihan Network for the surprised calls for her early this afternoon.

Trying to recap our sweet memories

She’s 8 years old today

Time sure flies very fast, just can’t believe that Balqis turns 8 years old today. Had a birthday celebration at her grandparent’s house just after school. It was just a simple family celebration, a “Doa Selamat” recited by her grandfather, cutting the b’day cake and a simple meal comes with it.
B’day Cake
Balqis N Humairaa’

My Loving Wife and Humairaa’

Doa Selamat

My Sweet Princess Nurul Najwa Balqis Batrisyia

Islamic Conversion

Awg Antoni bin Marak converted to Islam in a ceremony held at No 18, Lot 19, Kg Perpindahan Serasa in Muara at the residence of Awg Jeffrey bin Lakim on the 9th March 2009.
The ceremony began with the reading of the surah al-fatihah followed by the recital of the salawat. He is now known as Nor Rahmat bin Abdullah Marak.
After the declaration and signing of the official papers, a zikir marhaban was performed and a doa selamat was read to bless the ceremony . More pictures here