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Tamu Kianggeh Walkabout

This morning the Royal Brunei Armed Forces celebrated their 48th anniversary. At first I actually wanted to go to Rimba Air Based where the celebration was held but thinking of the shuttling transport from Sekolah Menengah Rimba to the Air Base was quite a hassle for me, so I changed my mind and went to Tamu Kianggeh instead. I arrived at Tamu Kianggeh about 7:30 am after a few times driving around Bandar Seri Begawan seeking for a parking.

Tamu Kianggeh is what I can describe as a place where we can get most of our  daily needs from fresh seafood to dried products such as dried prawns or dried anchovies. Brunei traditional delicacies are also available there such as ardam, kuih cincin, bahulu, kuih cacah, tilapam etc. Traditional medicine are also available there.

As usual early in the morning Tamu Kianggeh is packed with people getting the groceries, fresh fish, prawns and etc. I was thinking to myself, how early did the people come to start their business.  While snapping around, a flash back memory when I was a small boy, where I usually follow my father to the tamu. This memory felt so fresh as if it just happened a few days ago. Actually it was about 20 years ago or probably more. Well time sure flies so fast. I might be going there in the future to catch the early birds starting their business.


According to this author 

History also stated that around 1980’s, Tamu Kianggeh was used to be visited by Queen Elizabeth twice and so did her son, Prince Charles.

All pictures taken with Canon EOS 40D + 50mm 1.4

Tamu Kianggeh By HBK-3 Tamu Kianggeh By HBK-1 

Tamu Kianggeh By HBK-34 Tamu Kianggeh By HBK-9

Tamu Kianggeh By HBK-4 

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Burning Car!!

Today the 2nd incident of burning car I witness within this month. It happen in the morning around 9:15am. I was just passing by the new Housing Area Kg Katok B when i saw black smoke over the horizon. I thought it was just another open burning. Since there’s no “U” turn nearby, I have to take a “U” turn at Jalan Beribi. Meanwhile I saw the Fire Engine going to the scene. I only manage to take pictures when the Fire Department Personnel dousing the fire.

The guy in green T-Shirt is the passenger of the car. As what I overheard, the fire started from the front dashboard of the car. He and the Driver manage to escape.

Blackout in Brunei 2009

Due to the heavy rainfall a few days ago, most of the commercial and residential area in Brunei didn’t recieve any power supply. Most of the places were affected for 48 hours and probably some area in Brunei are still in their darkest hour. These pictures were taken last night on the 2nd day after the Flash Flood in Brunei 2009.

Area At Jalan Tutong

Gadong Area

Seri Qlap Mall

Kiulap Commercial Area
Last Pic: Indonesia Workers on their free time singing 🙂


Got this picture for quite sometime. I found this picture while I was clearing up my HDD.. It was taken by a friend of mine who is now studying in Singapore. He was trying his new HTC Touch Pro T7272. Cool shots although it’s from a camera phone. I forgot to ask him where is this place actually.